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Princess Zelda, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Goodbye old life, hello New Earth

Photography©Para Kas-Vetter

“Goodbye old Earth, thank you for all the years we shared. You served us well. A catalyst for the evolution of our way into a new earth form. A new way of life. We had some wonderful times or so I thought. Sufferings, grief and lack I thought it was the highlight of my life. Basking in what I believed were Blessings. Blessings in disguise more accurately described.

I thought you were the best thing that ever happened to my life until I began to awake. The blinkers began to work, wiping the mud away that acted as a veil. To see clearly the direction you were luring me to heed. To my death pit.

Was I a fool to trust in you old Earth? Was I naive? Imbecile? I say not. In fact I thank you. Because of you I learnt the true values of life or was I just beginning to remember? The yes and no’s, the ugly and beauty of life, the tears and laughter, the chaos and peace, the wars and silence, the hate and love, the losses and gains, what a roller-coaster ride you were happy to lead me on. And to think you only wanted the best for me. You were glad to continue to have me meet what you thought was my fate of demise.

You sure were clever in your deceptive ways. Lies and cunning and yet masked by charismatic manners. I thought you were the love of life. A narcissist cannot even compare. Glee shown in your acts of continuously shaking us into perpetual fear. Oh how I thought those years were bliss, until Pluto came along and shook things up. Rattled and banged with thunder and motion until we finally began to see clearly, to realise old Earth you were never this way all those thousands of years ago. You were battered, abused, used, and tossed around, as all of us were. We were brainwashed to believe that you were the culprit, spellbound to destroy the essence of what you are in truth, our sustenance Planet Earth. You suffered just as much as did we, and so we have a proposition for you.

Time to shed that old layer of insignificance. It’s a heavy burden to us all that carries no longer any meaning or worth. Release it to the wind or into space to take it to where it now is destined to go, or send it to the Universal Sun to meet its own fate. We are ready old Earth for you to shine your New you, to reunite with you in your New form, transformed by that mighty Planet Pluto.

Oh how that Pluto has helped us all so well. Who would have thought such a tiny little thing could be the most powerful of all. Quiet, timid, vulnerable, ready then strikes with such a mighty force in support for Truth, Love and Light. Bless that Pluto Soul. It saved us all, setting us free.

Just when we all thought it was the end of us all, a Miracle appears in full sight. Faith restores even the most lost. Thank you old Earth for all you’ve tried to do for us. We support your new form and dare not astray again. Our lessons learnt have been deeply ingrained within so as to never forget and to forever embrace our moral compass with grace.

Goodbye old life, hello New Earth. It’s time to celebrate you.”

Para Kas-Vetter

Mother Nature ©Para Kas-Vetter

Apocalypse – The World IS Changing!

I didn’t abandon you,

I was busy fighting for you.

I didn’t miss your years,

I sacrificed my own for you.

Whilst you were sleeping

I was awake fighting a spiritual war.

Whilst you were not listening

I was suffering to protect the truth.

The times are now here.

The era of Light and truth.

No more time to sleep. 



Its Biblical and Astronomical.

Universal Laws have arrived.

The world is not dying. It is changing.

“Great Changes”

Nothing is going to stay the same.

The World IS Changing!!!!!

Para Kas-Vetter


“A Garden of LOVE

Makes My Heart Warm and Glow.

Motivates My Soul Whole

With its Beauty in its Natural Rhythms that Flow.”

Para Kas-Vetter