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Mother Nature ©Para Kas-Vetter

Apocalypse – The World IS Changing!

I didn’t abandon you,

I was busy fighting for you.

I didn’t miss your years,

I sacrificed my own for you.

Whilst you were sleeping

I was awake fighting a spiritual war.

Whilst you were not listening

I was suffering to protect the truth.

The times are now here.

The era of Light and truth.

No more time to sleep. 



Its Biblical and Astronomical.

Universal Laws have arrived.

The world is not dying. It is changing.

“Great Changes”

Nothing is going to stay the same.

The World IS Changing!!!!!

Para Kas-Vetter

“A Garden of LOVE

Makes My Heart Warm and Glow.

Motivates My Soul Whole

With its Beauty in its Natural Rhythms that Flow.”

Para Kas-Vetter