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And so the Journey begins…………

Thank you to the Unknown Joy-Full Artist

Take me to the Mysterious unknown to reflect upon. Bring Me
Magical Ideas, Miraculous Synchronicity and Incredible Epiphany

Guided Theme Messages beginning Sundays, Australia, Victoria times, are shown for the whole week. “Paradisal” messages can be found at https://solancevoyagegallery.com.au/motivational-part-ii/ . As of 12th June 2021 and thereon at https://solancevoyagegallery.com.au/motivational-part-iii/ . As of 7th June 2021 at https://solancevoyagegallery.com.au/motivational-part-iiii/ . PDFs included.

Paradisal is providing something very unique for the month of October 2021. This is my surprise to you all. It is My Sacred Story. A time of Remember when….. October is a Sacred Month also. Thereafter, in November 2021, Paradisal will be returning to provide the incredible, inspiring, surprises that Paradisal is known for. Lots of Love!!!!!

This is the story of My Pilgrimage written by me, Para Kas-Vetter.

This is paramount that you all truly know My truth. May the messages within also bring insights into your own personal lives and those of others. With Lots of Love Para Kas-Vetter

My Sacred Pilgrimage MANUSCRIPTS 2021:

18.7 MB; 82 Pages, in Colour.

PLEASE do download As Soon As Possible (ASAP) onto your computer or hard drive or USB stick.


Pronunciation: https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/paradisal or https://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/another-word-for/paradisal.html

Synonyms: Another word for paradisal

blissful divine heavenly Elysian blessed celestial glorious golden prefect paradisiacal adorable angelic beautiful cherubic darling delectable delicious delightful empyrean enjoyable entrancing excellent exquisite godlike holy immortal lovely luscious lush paradisaic paradisical ravishing scrumptious seraphic superhuman supernatural sweet wonderful ‘out of this world’ happy joyful delighted delightful ecstatic effervescent enjoyable fantastic glad heartwarming jubilant pleasing contented elated euphoric jovial joyous overjoyed vivacious exhilarated glowing lively optimistic peaceful pleasant radiant thrilled enchanted entranced fulfilled rejoicing excellent exceptional great marvellous positive satisfying superb acceptable elegant enchanting exhilarating fascinating favourable gorgeous joyous precious pretty splendid stunning super valuable worthy admirable aesthetic commendable