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And so the Journey begins…………

Thank you to the Unknown Joy-Full Artist

Take me to the Mysterious unknown to reflect upon. Bring Me
Magical Ideas, Miraculous Synchronicity and Incredible Epiphany

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Paradisal – “Your Soul knows when it is time for a New Beginning”


“Let your soul wonder along the path of hidden dreams

To the place where magic and mystery unite

Where your whispered wishes are brought to life.”

“Let the life you lead be your greatest dream come true.”

Adèle Basheer


“You’re starting to realize your personal power. You’re getting all the signs and seeing things unfold in your favor. Don’t panic if you’re being challenged, tested, or pushed right now. You might be going through a lot of transformations in your life where your limiting thoughts, negative activities/behaviors, and old ways of doing things are being challenged. You’re starting to face yourself even more and deal with the core of who you truly are by questioning everything you’ve been taught to believe. You’re starting to notice yourself growing more and no longer settling. You want more out of your journey. You want more out of life. You want to be real to who you are. You want to truly feel and really understand yourself.

A lot could be on your mind about what your purpose is and that’s a great place to be in. In the midst of taking the inner journey, your outer reality experiences some major shifts. Shifts that are pushing you towards an authentic life doesn’t have room for low vibrational energies that are keeping you stagnant or blind to your true potential. You start to disconnect from old friendships, relationships, and things that aren’t fulfilling your soul. You might even start being aligned to people and situations that fit your life beautifully. You find yourself getting stronger and less caught up. Some might even find themselves being challenged by the shift, because they want to remain the same or stay in the same cycles.

Most pain comes from resisting growth to try to hold on. Yes, the familiar always seems comfortable, but it’s the journey into the unknown where you discover your soul. In order to understand yourself, you have to know what you’re made of. Don’t try to avoid changes. Don’t avoid growth. Don’t resist. Once we let go and allow instead of thinking we have all the answers, we suddenly find everything making sense……….”

Idil Ahmed – Idillionaire


1. You’ve Changed

“You’ve changed…

Your soul has a plan in this lifetime. Each year it offers you a map through the cosmos. You return many times over to the same stars, the same oceans, traversing the familiar mountain ranges and trekking over the churned up soil you have encountered repeatedly through the changing seasons.

Meeting yourself over and over again until you find the resonance of your true self, each Visit unearthing more trust and revealing more light as you dance with the divine.

Every connection with another soul acting as a catalyst for change and growth, to heal old wounds, and to call back your energy so that you become your own healing medicine, creating alchemy as you transform into a closer expression of the loving vibrational energy that you are.

A complex route has been walked, there is no doubt, yet no matter how many times you lost yourself, the story reset from where you left it and endlessly called you forward.

Pause in this moment to see how you’ve changed. It’s not only been about finding out who you are, its been about remembering who you’ve always been.

Your heart has expanded through the love, the pain, the loss and the grief. Through the inspiration and the richness that has shown itself to you as you survived the most colourful mosaic pathway that has been your life so far.

Hold your head up sweet soul.

You’ve changed and it’s a beautiful thing……………………”

Romy Wyser


“When it looked like there was nowhere left
to turn I looked inside myself.
I challenged everything
And you challenged me.
I refused to accept what no longer harmonized with my heart.
They thought I’d lost my mind
but really I’d just found my soul.
I watched as fate stepped in,
she unlocked the gilded cage,
and suddenly I felt free.
A Maverick soul with a heart
that runs wild. It was always my story.
I don’t need you to understand me.
I don’t need you to validate me.
I am the innovator of my own journey and
I embrace the expansion of this as I uproot myself over and over again.
I don’t have to prove my worthiness to
feel the benevolence of source.
I let go of the game of control
you wanted to play.
I gravitate only towards that which stretches my mind and brings in better.
Better energy
Better terms
Better choices
A better me.
I don’t need you to fit into my
idealistic views anymore.
I let them go for something more pure.
I seek love where it flows without condition,
I meet it with a heart so full it magnetises a future of illuminated understanding and deeper connection.
Here is where my story really begins.
Watch me rise.”

Romy Wyser


2. Signs

“What do signs and numerology inform you? What sacred geometry do you observe around you? What is nature illuminating and informing you?”


“In what ways do signs from spirit show up?

Signs from spirit can show up in many ways but it’s important to know that everyone’s spiritual guidance is different. While one sign of spiritual guidance may be significant to a friend, it may have no significance or meaning to you.

And just because someone you know may be receiving guidance in a way that you don’t doesn’t mean that you are not still on the receiving end of spiritual guidance. Remember that signs from spirit are always there for you.

Some of the ways spiritual guidance or signs from spirit can show up are in nature, animals, objects, numbers, people, places, and really anything that feels significant or special to you. Once you learn to tune into the signs and open up to receiving, spiritual guidance will become more clear to you and you will just know that spirit is speaking to you.”


“The Goat is a good sign that suggests knowledge and movement in a direction that is inspired and guided by the heavens.”

The Oracle of The Innocent Heart

Scott Alexander King, illustrator Sharon McLeod, Pg 107

3. Did you know that………….

“the heart plays an important role far beyond what is commonly known. For instance, did you know that your heart emits electromagnetic fields that change according to your emotions, or that the human heart has a magnetic field that can be measured up to several feet away from the human body? Did you know that positive emotions create physiological benefits in your body, and that you can boost your immune system by conjuring up positive emotions? Did you know that negative emotions can create nervous system chaos, and that positive emotions do the complete opposite? Did you know that the heart has a system of neurons that have both short term and long term memory, and that their signals sent to the brain can affect our emotional experiences? Did you know that in fetal development, the heart forms and starts beating before the brain is developed? Did you know that a mother’s brainwaves can synchronize to her baby’s heartbeats? Did you know that the heart sends more information to the brain than vice versa?”



HeartMath and many systems use the term vibration in reference to the quality of thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes that are generated and influenced by our beliefs, memories, choices, environmental stimuli and more. For example, you often hear people say, “I had to leave that office, the vibes were so low it was draining my energy, or, “I felt a lift from being in her positive vibration.”

The vibration of our moods, attitudes, thoughts and feelings can rise and fall throughout the day, based on our actions and reactions to others, ourselves, or to life’s issues. The vibes we emanate to others and to the environment vary, based on our resilience for balancing our mind, emotions and disposition – especially in today’s dynamic emotional climate.

Lower-level vibrations can occur at every turn in connection with frustration, anger, disappointment, sadness, judgment, comparisons and much more. These emotions are part of being human, but it is within our power to shift out of these debilitating feelings into higher vibrational attitudes and perceptions.

An easy way to maintain a higher vibration is to interweave the qualities of our heart in our connections and interactions. These heart qualities include love, care, compassion, kindness, appreciation, forgiveness, and more. Anyone who experiences these qualities knows their power to lift our feelings into a kinder and more stress-free outlook.”

“Raising Others’ Vibrations………………………Science tells us that human beings and all creatures radiate an electromagnetic field produced by the heartbeat. Our feelings broadcast like radio waves through this field. When you are in the presence of a group of friends, family or others, everyone’s thoughts, feelings and attitudes are intermingling in your immediate area — which HeartMath calls the field environment.”

Arjun Walia

Please read full article: “Raising Our Vibration Through Compassion & Unconditional Love” https://www.collective-evolution.com/2021/07/17/raising-our-vibration-through-compassion-unconditional-love/

4. “What makes your heart sing?”

“It might be a challenge to consider how we might live with joy when so many around us are living in fear and control…….To counteract fear and control is to express love and joy. Amongst all these challenges around us, what makes your heart sing? What simple things light up your life?”


“Imagine what would be possible if you gave your dreams the wings to fly.”

“You can turn fear into fearless

hopeless into hopeful

doubt into decisions.

Challenges are your opportunity to shine.”

‘Hidden inside every challenge is a new opportunity to make our souls grow.”

Adèle Basheer

“Be…Extraordinary :: What Makes Your Heart Sing?”

“As we seek to live more fully…to be extraordinary…we need to do these things that make our hearts sing. We need to allow the spring of our joy to feed the reservoir of life.”


“Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. Grow a Mind of your own.” Pg 140

“If you are going to live by another’s example or follow someone else’s head, at least check first to make sure that they know where they are heading and that where they are in fact heading is where you want to end up yourself.” Pg 142

“Sometimes the best treasures in the world are found deep within the heart.” Pg 58

“One day we will grow up and realise that no matter how lost we might feel in life, we will always be shown the way back to our true heart.” Pg 100

“May your dreams and ideas become the light that leads you out of the darkness of self-doubt.” Pg 35

The Oracle of The Innocent Heart

Scott Alexander King, illustrator Sharon McLeod

5. Nostalgia

“Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.[1] The word nostalgia is learned formation of a Greek compound, consisting of νόστος (nóstos), meaning “homecoming”, a Homeric word, and ἄλγος (álgos), meaning “pain” or “ache””

“Nostalgia is associated with a yearning for the past, its personalities, possibilities, and events, especially the “good ol’ days” or a “warm childhood””


“”the term Nostalgia actually refers to yearning for the past often in an idealized form as in”the good old days”

The good old days……the days of childhood,the days of games,the days when we had a crush on our primary school teacher,the days when what mattered was just”who has the larger share of cake”or “the latest toys”,the days when getting a “very good”remark on our assignments by the teacher meant the world….

………whats wrong in going nostalgic if the”good old days”bring a smile on our face ,if an old dress makes me remember the day when i participated in fancy dress as a fairy but when i saw the crowd in front i started crying on stage(:-),nostalgia reminds us of the stupid issues over which we argued,nostalgia presents before us our growth as a person ,as a human being .we live with one foot in past n thats what life is all about…….”


“…..nostalgia is a “pleasure or sadness caused by remembering something from a past time and wanting to experience it once again.” ……… the simple act of remembering or taking an interest in the past.”


“Reflecting back in life ought not to be about clinging onto the past that you cannot move forward or embrace the present and thus future. It ought to be about finding comfort in that which has defined you or given you peace in life. In being able to reflect upon the lessons learnt or those now learning. It is about finding healing or understanding, clarity or even strengths of hope.

What past memories do you hold that makes more sense now that you look back?

What memories brings clarity or healing for you? Hope or comfort?

Are there memories that are now perceived or understood differently?

Are the memories helping you to re define yourself, or to unlearn what you learnt?

Has your meaning of the memories that you once held, have some changed in how they are treasured now that the world is changing? Or are they held with even greater sentimentality?

Does looking back in time help strengthen your beliefs and values, or have they changed in how you view the past?

Are you glad you have left the past behind or do you wish you could have done things differently in reflecting to the past?

Does past memories restore your faith and empower you or help you realise your worth?

Are there reminders to continuously move forward or to feel stagnant?

Nostalgia. Is it helping you to make wiser decisions, better choices, given the opportunity to speak your truth?

Is it helping you to review the past and delve deeper into greater insights?

Do they offer you reason to celebrate?

Give you clues and signs like signposts?

Does past memories strengthen your commitment to your path forward, inspire and motivate?

If it does not serve you a higher purpose and does not serve you well then I have a message for Nostalgia………………………………..”Nostalgia I don’t need you anymore”.”

Para Kas-Vetter



“Do you have a busy mind? Are you overburdening yourself with loads of “negative” emotions like shame, fear, anger, and hatred? Are you being your authentic self, following your passion and purpose, and being guided by your inner vision? By living in simplicity, you discard and shed all that which has hidden away your true Self-realized nature, and you get to see Reality clearly, as it truly is.

An easy way to practice simplicity is to practice being silent. Not only can you sit in meditation to do this but you can also be more sparing with your words. Avoid talking just for the sake of talking or attempting to fill “awkward silence” with superficial hot air. You will find the sound of silence brings a deeper richness thanks to experiencing greater inner peace.

Simplifying your actions may prove to be more challenging. After all, you may have an extensive to-do list that you believe has to get done. However, reconsider whether that is actually true. You can even gamify it by identifying every single thing on your to-do list, be it a mental or written list, and carefully consider whether you can remove it. You could place it on a secondary back-burner list and keep it off of your list of priorities. For the tasks, errands, and activities left on your list, become fully focused on them while accomplishing them, and doing so with joy and precision.”

“Our minds are quite interesting because they usually make us feel like there is a rush to do everything. This stems from the inability of the ego to trust and surrender to the unknown. As a defense mechanism, it feels to must protect us from the unknown by doing anything it can to accomplish that. The ego-mind cannot understand the spirit mind of your true Self because it is something too abstract and intangible for it to comprehend. This means your ego-mind will distract you from connecting with your higher Self due to it being an unknown. Taking control instead of trusting means your higher Self will have a more challenging time guiding you. Universal laws like the Law of Attraction will also not be wielded that effectively.

Your ego isn’t evil or out to sabotage you; it’s just trying to protect you. However, its way of trying to keep you safe occurs without understanding the nature of your soul consciousness. That is why it will try to rush you through things in life so you can get back into old patterns and habits. It doesn’t like unknowns, and expanding consciousness by default is an unknown to it.

When you are feeling that you are rushing through something in life, you may want to take a seat, close your eyes, and meditate for a few minutes. Get your internal GPS activated so that your inner being can steer a better course for you. I suggest sitting for at least 10 minutes. Take those long, deep breaths and cultivate silence, stillness, and peace…………………”

Paul Lenda

Full article please read “The 3 Treasures of Taoism That Lead to a Happy Life” :https://wakeup-world.com/2021/07/23/the-3-treasures-of-taoism-that-lead-to-a-happy-life/

Nature is filled with magic, imagination, opportunities, possibilities, healing and adventure.”

Angela Hartfield

9. Here comes the Sun

Miracles occur in the most extra ordinary ways, and in ways you never imagined.


Pronunciation: https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/paradisal or https://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/another-word-for/paradisal.html

Synonyms: Another word for paradisal

blissful divine heavenly Elysian blessed celestial glorious golden prefect paradisiacal adorable angelic beautiful cherubic darling delectable delicious delightful empyrean enjoyable entrancing excellent exquisite godlike holy immortal lovely luscious lush paradisaic paradisical ravishing scrumptious seraphic superhuman supernatural sweet wonderful ‘out of this world’ happy joyful delighted delightful ecstatic effervescent enjoyable fantastic glad heartwarming jubilant pleasing contented elated euphoric jovial joyous overjoyed vivacious exhilarated glowing lively optimistic peaceful pleasant radiant thrilled enchanted entranced fulfilled rejoicing excellent exceptional great marvellous positive satisfying superb acceptable elegant enchanting exhilarating fascinating favourable gorgeous joyous precious pretty splendid stunning super valuable worthy admirable aesthetic commendable