I pray…..

Today I felt strongly to write to all. I write to all I can reach. I do not know exactly what the coming days and months will bring but I do know that it is very significantly profound. 

LIGHT LOVE must always prevail for it is what LIFE is all about and always was and will forever be.

I have always since a little girl communicated with Angels and Archangels, Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. God. 

People place so much emphases on how we ought to pray and how to spell things or what exactly Jesus Christ Name is or was or ought to be.

What matters is what resonates with your hearts that is for the highest good of both life, the planet and yourselves. When it is done with the utmost love and respect and pure intent, LOVE always flows and permeates throughout all life that is true and holy and pure and of love and light. It will flow like flowing waters.

I have always prayed in my own special way and not in the way religion or schools or anyone tried to tell me how to pray. But in the way my heart has always resonated with, the depths of my soul moved by the heart soul words that come from my own truth. 

I have studied the Our Father Prayer and I am aware of the number of different versions that have been translated over the years. So it is not my place to dictate or tell you what is right or wrong. You know that already in your hearts. What I ask is say a prayer, no matter how you say it as long as it is for the highest good of all and your soul.

We are at a Sacred time in life where we are now ready for something greater. And it requires all the strength we can induce. 

The art above is something I grew up with. I loved it with all of my heart and soul. It was in the family home for over 40 years. More than that.  It depicts Jesus Christ “asking that the Father would see to it that He would successfully complete the mission for which He came to this Earth”. For me it was also finding peace and serenity in the midst of chaos. It was finding clarity and calmness in the midst of changes. It was finding gratitude and love in the midst of joy. It was my sanctuary. That art was so special to my soul. 

With so much going on worldwide, many of us find ourselves having to make greater changes in lives. I see those that have had to flee from their sacred homes, wherever in the country that is. I have seen the heartache and pain and I fully grasp the enormity of what is happening world wide. I might not fully understand but I know that which helps me see clearer.

Find time alone, find time in silence, find time uniting to truly, truly realise the importance of this change. It is very significant and one that is so sacred to Life.

Remember ancient times there were no language and what is being utilised today for all sort of reasons, all it requires is to claim back that power of what a symbol or word truly was always intended for. When we infuse the pure love and light into that which was abused and misused, it is remarkable the miracles that can occur. So say it with all of your heart and soul, full of  love what resonates with your heart and soul. Speak it out loud, say it in silence, simply connect with your heart-soul.

Lots of Love Para xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

The Beginning of Change

“This is the beginning of things shifting externally.”

Idil Ahmed – Idillionaire https://idillionaire.com/


“Your Reality is Changing”

““……………………It will be very frightening and quite confusing. Heroes will arise then. Awakened ones to calm the fears of the sleeping ones. Such a time on Earth has not been seen.

You are living through the end of times. This is not the end of you. It is the end of times. These times. The time of the enslaved human race. It is ending…………..

………………….Your dreams will no longer feel “other-worldly”, yet more as if they are running concurrently with your physical life.

Nature will change in ways that you haven’t seen before.

Your desires will shift.

Your eyes will see differently.

Institutions may dissolve, many, for sure, never to return.

Your concept of time will shift.

Your ideas around value will get shaken up.

……………….The shift in consciousness and change in frequency was seen by your seers and known about long before now………………………

An entire civilization is being adjusted. Parts of it are being eliminated. Many of its deepest inner workings are coming apart on their own, or else they are being forcibly dismantled.

Your reality has been based on a construct that was designed to hold you always in its grip of enslavement and subservience. It has no intention of letting go and is right now being forced to abandon what it can no longer control……………..

Your reality is changing………”

Sophia Love, https://www.sophialove.org/

Full article please see: https://voyagesoflight.blogspot.com/2021/07/your-reality-is-changing-sophia-love.html

“Riding the Waves of Love”

“You are far more important than any of you could ever imagine. Your every desire causes the entire universe to respond. Your every wish for better starts the wheels in motion for the universe to create better. Your every desire for yourself or others takes the raw stuff of the energy of Love and begins to mold it as an artist would mix and mold the clay of the earth. You, dear ones, are the architects of Love.

……………these collective notes of love begin to create a symphony of frequency – a tidal wave of love that begins to wash through other human hearts.

The more of you that have similar wishes and desires, the stronger the symphony, and the more hearts that are touched. The greater the love, the stronger the waves of energy, and the more hearts you will influence. This is how your simple desires become energies, which become inspirations, which become ideas, which turn to actions that become movements that create lasting change upon your planet earth………..

For example, suppose you witness someone discarding a piece of trash on the street. Immediately, and often unconsciously, you have a wish that people would value your earth and treat her with more respect. The love within that wish echoes out into the universe. Suppose someone else sees a car spewing pollution and beneath their frustration and disgust emanates a silent wish for cleaner vehicles and breathable air. The love within that wish sounds a silent note that echoes out into the universe. Perhaps yet another watches the earth being bulldozed for a parking lot and thinks to themselves, “Enough concrete! We need more nature.” Their wish echoes out into the universe. Even though these wishes are buried beneath a degree of negativity and discontent and are therefore somewhat weakened, still the love within them travels out into the universe.

Likewise, many of you during your pandemic saw the photos of clean water and witnessed beautiful clear blue skies. You loved this! You silently wished that the earth could remain this pristine. Your loving wishes sounded strong notes of love that collectively joined together to create a symphony of frequency that in its pure essence said, “We love our mother earth.” “We want her to be respected, cleaned up, treated well, and enjoyed.” As a result that symphony of love – created from your individual, seemingly “insignificant” wishes – has started to create a massive movement upon your earth even as we speak!

…………..so many wonderful improvements that stem from your simple wishes and desires! Even the souls of those planning to incarnate upon your earth – the future children – have felt this symphony of desire and are eager to come and live in greater cooperation with your planet! Your simple, seemingly “insignificant” wishes have joined together to change the human experience for generations to come!

So when you feel you don’t matter, think again. When you feel you don’t make a difference, remember you do. When you feel stuck, remember you are not. You are always creating change within. You are always setting the universe in motion. Even within your deepest anger, frustration, and disgust, the seeds of loving desire for better are sown.

…….you are the architects of Love. Love is the “Building material” from which entire universes are created. Love is the raw stuff that your desires shape into silent notes that become silent symphonies that silently, but potently touch and inspire human hearts.

Imagine right now if you sounded a single note through your voice. Imagine that it beings to join with others doing the same. Imagine that this music touches those who have not yet sounded their own and inspires them to join the chorus. Dear ones, imagine, you are hearing the pure Love of God sounding forth into the universe, turning into symphonies that uplift and inspire every open heart. You truly are sounding this symphony at all times, albeit energetically and silently, and your hearts which don’t need ears can hear. Your hearts are all being fed and fueled by this love. You, through your willingness to wish and dream are creating movement, change, and a wonderful new and beautiful life upon your earth.

When you are discouraged, remember this. You are all so very important. So very loved. So very crucial to the expansion and expression of Love in form.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.”

The Angels via Ann Albers

Full article please see: https://voyagesoflight.blogspot.com/2021/07/riding-waves-of-love-angels-via-ann.html


“Sacred Earth Sacred Soul”

“reawakening to what we know in the depths of our being, that the earth is sacred, and that this sacredness is at the heart of every human being and life-form. To awaken again to this deep knowing is to be transformed in the ways we choose to live and relate and act.”

“The problem is that we keep going back to sleep, or otherwise live in ways that neglect this deep knowing. Thus, the crises that we are in the midst of today, whether ecological, political, or societal, stem from the fact that we treat the earth and one another as less than sacred. All these critical issues are interrelated. The way we have wronged the earth is the way we have dishonored the feminine or belittled the “other”, whether that be the “other” nation, religion, race, or sexual orientation. We have fallen out of alignment with the deepest truths within us. How are we to awaken again to the sacredness at the heart of all life, the sacredness that is also at the heart of our own being?

The Celtic spiritual tradition is one that has long emphasized an awareness of the sacred essence of all things. This tradition is in fact part of our Western Christian inheritance, although it has been largely forgotten and at times suppressed. It is this lost stream of wisdom that I will be drawing on in these pages to help us remember. It is a way of seeing, a path of awareness, that can be traced through the centuries, forever unfolding, evolving, emerging again and again to serve a consciousness of the sacred at the heart of all life.

…………..In the Celtic tradition it was said that we suffer from soul-forgetfulness. We have forgotten who we are and have fallen out of true relationship with the earth and with one another. Thus, the path to wellbeing is not about becoming something other than ourselves or about acquiring a spiritual knowledge that is essentially foreign to us. It is about waking up to a knowledge that is deep in the very fabric of our being, and it is about living in relation to this wisdom.

This knowing may have become buried under layers of cultural and religious conditioning and may need to be awakened. But the wisdom we are trying to give expression to is not just ours alone; it is also our listeners’. Our role is simply to set it free in one another, to bring it back up into consciousness. When we do release in each other a fuller awareness of the earth as sacred and of everything that has been born as holy, we will be changed by this awareness, and we will want to change the way the earth and its life-forms are being treated.”

“Sacred is the right word to convey this Celtic way of seeing, because it is a word that is not bound by religion. Inside the walls of religious practice, we speak of sacred scripture or sacred music, for instance, but way beyond those walls we also speak of the sacred universe or sacred moments. The word points with reverence to the divine essence of life and the true nature of relationship. When we speak of something as sacred, we are offering it ultimate respect. We are honoring it. We also invoke something of the power and authority of this word when we used the related term sacrilege to speak of the wrongs that are being done to the earth, to the creatures, and to other human beings. Etymologically, sacrilege means to try to take possession of the sacred, to use it for one’s own ends rather than to reverence it.”

“Our longings are a unique manifestation of the universe’s longings. In listening to the depths of life, within our lives and within every life, we will hear the longings of the One that are deeper than the fears that divide us.”

–John Philip Newell

From the Introduction to John Philip Newell’s Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul:(Celtic Wisdom for Reawakening to the What Our Souls Know and Healing the World) Published by Harper One & Harper Collins UK (July 2021)


A Quantum Awakening

The Third Millennium – Ken Carey https://operationdisclosureofficial.com/2021/07/14/a-quantum-awakening/

Pure Intent and Authenticity

“The Divine Source always reads your intent.
At this time, when we are making this huge transition into the New Earth, which is not authentic and truthful will fall away, and indeed you will be challenged in the deepest core to live your truth!

Indeed, certain knowledge is now being returned, and indeed it is there within the deepest awakening of your own soul. Yet, the question is: “What are you going to do with such information, or even the information you seek? How are you going to live this, apply this and indeed bring this to the world?”

All knowledge indeed is like a two-edged sword: It can uplift, it can raise, it can lift other souls through the Power of Love into the full awakening within, it can heal, it can inspire. Yet, it can also misinform, destruct, destroy, harm, etc. if used for self-service and for hidden agendas.

We are in the midst of the greatest purification process we have ever been through. All the old trauma, the old hurts, the old skeletons, the old lies, the deceits, everything which was kept from humankind, will be churned up, and indeed revealed. Individually and collectively. The Old traumas, the old woundedness, everything.

Souls will be stripped naked to the very core.
This stripping indeed makes one vulnerable, and indeed many souls will want to hit back or attack someone or something, because they fear of looking themselves in the eye, and indeed of facing the deepest truths within themselves, and all falsehoods within and all the falsehoods they bought into.

It is all part of a vast healing process, and indeed part of the transfiguration, as the Old Earth dissipates and indeed disintegrates and all everything created when humanity fell into the quagmires and destructive ways of their own making. Yet, the minute the old is released, the minute forgiveness of self and other comes in, and indeed the deepest intent of leave this all behind forever, everything changes! All indeed are freed and lifted into the New, and there is immense joy – a deep homecoming in every sense of the word, of the Soul!

Yet, know that through all the ages, there were those soul who always stayed True, and who were authentic and indeed serve selflessly and with great Love, and so often paid the highest price because of it.

No matter how hard someone will try to cling onto the old, they will find they are standing on shifting sands. Untruth will show up, and so will false information and false programming in any form or way.

We are moving into much higher vibrational frequency bands, and the lower the vibration, the more it will disintegrate, because if cannot hold form in the highest frequencies.

Once one has been lifted into the highest vibrations, and live in that frequency band, you indeed operate on a much higher level and thus live life from that level.

This is indeed what this time is all about.
If you try to be someone you are not, you will not make it. You are not meant to be someone else – or emulate them, or be them, you are meant to be your own truthful soul self and live this from the heart and soul and all that you are, with great love!

Again, when you seek certain degrees of higher ascension, your highest guides will always first read your intent. They will test you on that intent. For indeed what will show up is all within you, that you still need to bring into order, to release, to let go of and indeed all which is hindering you, from stepping higher.

As long as impurities are there, you will not be given what you are seeking, until you finally release the blocks, and all which is there keeping from moving forward, and only then, when you in highest alignment with the Truth within, will the doors open.

All the Great Teachers who ever lived on earth experienced this. They were enlightened and indeed lived their truth – but their disciples and followers, only had limited understanding, and so often the master’s truths, were distorted and the teachings misinterpreted and misunderstood and indeed later bent to the will of those who proclaimed they were speaking for the Master, when indeed, they were speaking for themselves.

During this time of purification, all will come to the fore, which is untruth or not serving the highest good of yourself and the rest of humanity.

For indeed as the New Earth makes her presence felt more and more, she will indeed be like spotlight on the Old as it disintegrates more and more. We will suddenly see, what we could not see before, as the blindfolds are lifted off and veils too.

What a time to be alive and well and on planet earth!”

Judith Kusel




Written by Colette baron-Reid https://www.colettebaronreid.com/2021/07/06/how-to-claim-your-authenticity-through-shadow-work-2/

Brianna Wiest


How the Words We Speak Either Enslave or Liberate Us


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Conquer yourself

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.”

“To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others.”

“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.”


Paradisal: addendum

“Trust your magic, its there <3

Speak it! You are already there.

So much good is coming your way and into your life right now. Clarity, insight, abundance, breakthroughs, love, awareness, guidance, and positivity are all in your reality at this moment. It’s not somewhere distant. It’s now.

Own it as truth for yourself. Start to see what’s flourishing, thriving, and blooming in your life. Look for what’s going right. There’s many things happening in your favor even when it feels like you’re up against something. What if you saw it as a breakthrough. Your mind is opening up to a greater understanding of yourself. This new insight is giving you more clarity on your mental power, perspective, and emotional intelligence. You’re learning that it’s al just a moment unfolding itself.

Even the hardest times has a new beginning that follows it. Nothing bad last forever. All good is there and continuous. We just keep remembering that it has always been. This is where miracles become a natural part of your life. A constant flow because you know it’s part of life. It’s who you are. You speak it powerfully over your life as it will dissolve any resistance or negativity.

Your mindset, words, and feels should always be charged with – I am a miracle – this reminds you of your truth and puts you back to focus on your abundance and expansive spirit. You are glowing light. Good is here. It’s okay. You are doing your best just how you are and this realization will bring you a greater inner peace to open your heart and mind to receive all that’s constantly being given to you.

Celebrate your life today. Smile and be the source of love beaming from within.

Idil Ahmed”