Master Shi Heng Yi and The Bus-driver Angel

Today has been a very ‘going deep within’ day. Although I went to a water colour class for the first time, I felt something different about how I felt about life that I had not realised until that very moment of sitting in class learning how to paint with watercolours. I thought deeply about the world in a way I had not done before. About how life is not like it once used to be. Maybe I have always been a very deep thinker but realise it has become more obviously profound, especially in my recent years since the world events have intensified to encourage greater changes.

Just before I went to the class, a video was forward to me by a sweet dear soul who in her remarkable 80’s still has her marbles, very talented, highly knowledgeable and wise and incredibly has immense faith for what is happening currently in the world. To protect her name in case she prefers to stay anonymous I won’t reveal her identity. 

The video was very profound in what Master Shi Heng Yi had to say. Something within me wanted to share it in a way that I did not even have words to explain it. I spend endless hours reflecting on world events and the enormity of suicides occurring right now. Although with all of my soul I understand those who say its pop corn and movie time, somehow for me the heart cries at all the innocent souls that find it dearly frightening what the next future brings, what timeline we would find ourselves for those that have not done soul searching or taken even the initial steps of a pilgrimage.

Taking a pilgrimage in itself is very challenging because it means actually making courageous changes, but when the future seems unknown, taking the pilgrimage can actually be frightening for some, because it means making significant change. To take those steps of soul quest for some is not at all easy.

When Otto drove me home after the class, I went into a deep silence, a very deep one. One where you just hear your own heart and soul.

I wondered today whether the pain that is being inflicted on earth is not only for those with karma because of what they have done to others it is now being done to them, but that also the pain is for those watching innocent lives being sadly affected in the process of those events and changes occurring, and the pain suffered by those who are the innocent caught up in the whirlwind for whatever reasons. And then you have the pain patriots are willing to go through for love and truth so as to help this world and life on it.

Upon finally deciding to check certain messages there were messages from a dear soul that made my soul cry.

To protect her identity I will title the story as “The Bus-driver Angel”. 

“I have to tell you a beautiful story from today that made my heart sing and confirmation for me that I am on the right track energetically. When I am at work I make a BIG effort to warmly greet and thank every single person getting on and off the bus. It matters not if they do not reply, don’t hear me or acknowledge me at all. I have people (mostly teens) used to me now so they don’t try to hide to avoid confrontation like they do with other drivers……….I have heard many stories about our drivers so I am one person who wants to make a difference.

So today I got 7 kids about age 12. I had not met these ones yet and greeted them warmly with big smiles. They saw me do this with everyone as well, so that when we got to………their destination….one of them asked if he could get a selfie photo with me. I said of course, so all the others wanted one as well. They left in good spirits and I wondered why they wanted the pictures but thought nothing more about it.

About 15 minutes later I was coming back through ……..and saw them all playing under the trees as I was stuck behind a few vehicles. One of them looked up and saw me, so I waved and they all looked up and waved at me. Next minute they all grabbed their stuff and ran, ran, ran over the park across the road and back to the bus stop….They were all excitedly getting on the bus again as I again welcome them all aboard. One of them said he now had ‘our pic’ as his wallpaper on his phone and could they all get more selfies. I of course obliged and said to them, “you must be bored to want pictures with me” to which he said, “naaaaa you are the nicest bus driver we’ve ever had!” “………..bless their little hearts, they just made my day………..”

Master Shi Heng Yi – 5 hindrances to self-mastery | Shi Heng YI | TEDxVitosha

Superlative Insight! –THOTH’s Prophecy; Dr. Simone Gold; Dr. Marcel Vogel

© Cindy Lever Photography

A comprehensible document that I have written that is inspirational and encouraging. It speaks of the current world situation, the future, the informed decisions that need to be made, and how you can help and contribute to life on Earth. It also gives insight into understanding more of the self, healings and Love. May the following bring enormous insight into your own lives. Lots of Love Para Kas-Vetter.

The Creator Writings

Time to Listen

Quiet yourself, quiet the inner chatter of every day life. What do you hear? The Universe has a rhythm all it’s own, a lovely melody just for you if you take the time to listen. ~ Creator

Quiet Mind

Sometimes, there is absolutely nothing to say.  Having a quiet mind can be a gift to those who understand the benefits.  For those that do not; it can be torturous.  Without the inner chatter, you will begin to hear The Universe and what it has to say to you more clearly.  Today, take some time, quiet the inner chatter and listen to the whispers.  Beauty awaits. ~ Creator

You Will Know

You will know when the time is right; to stay still and quiet or move forward, to fight or surrender, to be static or grow. You will know, just listen. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

“When You Believe”

Celtic Woman Lyrics

“When You Believe”

Many nights we’ve prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
In our hearts a hopefull song
We barely understood

Now we are not afraid
Although we know there’s much to fear
We were moving mountains long
Before we knew we could

There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe

In this time of fear
When prayers so often prove(s) in vain
Hope seems like the summer birds
Too swiftly flown away

Yet now I’m standing here
My heart’s so full I can’t explain
Seeking faith and speaking words
I never thought I’d say

There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe

They don’t (always happen) when you ask
And it’s easy to give in to your fears
But when you’re blinded by your pain
Can’t see your way straight throught the rain
(A small but) still resilient voice
Says (hope is very near)

There can be miracles
When you believe
(Lord, when you believe)
Though hope is frail
(Though hope is frail)
It’s hard to kill
(Hard to kill, Ohhh)
Who knows what miracles, you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will (somehow, somehow, somehow)
somehow you will
You will when you believe

You will when you
You will when you believe
Just believe…in your heart
Just believe
You will when you believe

2021 – “We Are In The Times of Prophesy”

~ © Alison Stormwolf ~

In a storm that big you can’t respond any differently to how you do in the moment.

And the only thing you can control in your own boat is the your rudder. 
Sometimes it feels like you can barely control that!!

But I’m here to tell you that it’s the tiny adjustments, the little changes, and sometimes just the fact that we’ve still got our hands on the wheel that determine where you end up.

It’s not the big, dramatic changes.

It’s the little things you do Every. Single. Day. 

These changes make the real difference.

So for 2021, I’m less interested in the big goals you’re going to set (though I still want to hear them!) 

I want to hear about the little things you’re going to do every day..

– Things like taking your greens every day. 

– Things like taking a second to take a deep breath in the Now.

– Things like saying a little thankyou to your partner for driving or for cooking.

The Little things. 

That make a BIG difference.”

By Rachelle Starr at Heal Thyself

Oracle: Sacred Whispers and 2021

Para’s Notebook of guided messages about the Year 2021

30th 10.33pm – 31st 1.07am, December 2020. Full Moon Sunrise at 9.11pm. Australia Victoria Time.

© Cindy Lever Photography

Elegance of Life

Elegance of Life like flower so perfected you cannot find fault.

Seeing the Beauty in Life, Garden of Life for the first time that preserving its essence is now a must.

Pristine, Fresh touch of True Life.

Garden of Love

End of story to the start

We were taught that we must start at the beginning and work through to the end to find what is at the end of a story. What if for the first time we can embrace the aroma and essence of the end of the story first and work our way to the start as to how it all began? It will become a total surprise as to how knowing the outcome first makes it suddenly all the more exciting at wanting to know the whole story all the way to the start.

The Orchard – Apples and the ‘Universal air of merry contentment’

A new way of life

A new kind of gratitude will evolve or surface or appear. One ever so much more tender and special, its fragrance will become everlasting in memory for years to come.

The oath of Abundance of the heart and Soul will become more apparent and obvious to see.

Glimpses of Sunlight will seep even through the darkest of souls or nights. And the impossible will become possible for the Light-hearted souls.

33 will have become more redefined so as to be seen for its truth – calmness, rest, unity, union, oneness, and whole.

Nature, gardens will become more appreciated for their natural state, and not suppressed controlled or rigid acts placed upon them. For nature is free and wild, and although understandable in constraints where seem necessary, must be done with great thought for life, love and true life.

Unicorns will be returned as what they always stood for – Majestical and GraceFull

More will become drawn deeper within themselves to beatify not so much the outer, but more the soul within with virtues of humbleness, love, grace, remorse, forgiveness of self, nurturing, re-alivening the desire to live, to become what the soul’s purpose was intended for on Earth, to create, to embrace and Thrive and explore the horizons with integrity and true meaning.

Worth of the soul will become more prominent in the coming years.

Things will be done with greater thought, inspired with wonder, Love and a special way of feeling happiness. The most unique yet most special sacred items will bring blissfullness than the gadgets and complexity of noisy elements.

For those living authentically, it will become naturally effortlessness in knowing what elements of life connect and resonate with you. And for those searching for life’s truth, you’ll suddenly have revelations, epiphanies, and concepts of life that would create in-depth intricate projects that might be time consuming but will become the core of what True Life is all about, creating everlasting Magic of the pure elegance, an essence like the flowers that bloom so magically.


‘MIA MIA’ means HOME in aboriginal language, and yet it is an acronym for Mothers in Australia.

This year will become a focus on wanting to return to birth towns, cultures, homes once resided in, or even the feeling to belong to a community of connected souls. It will also be about returning to natural elements of life and nature, to return to true virtues of life and in respecting Animals and the planet itself, and in how children are viewed or treated.

The sun will also become home to many who will realise blocking the sun does not serve a purpose nor manipulating nature for selfish purpose, as consequences are now becoming amplified.

‘wise choices’ are certainly noteworthy and one would be more wise to become more educated in how animals, children, nature ought to be respected. It is The leading way nowadays.

Tall Beings

There will be more extremely tall beings and some with exceptionally long white hair soon to appear or be seen. You’ll understand their ways of life instantly. They are highly connected souls who have dark skin complexions. Most being of origin that I myself have not heard of before, They are loyal to nature and all its inhabitants of authenticity, and are not easily swayed to do wrong nor cause harm or create sequel events for selfish motive.

They are very open honest and will stop you instantly should you try to block their path of progress for a more meaningful life. Their tolerance is Zero, They simple are here to accomplish one purpose in life, to restore The Earth to Pristine Essence and heal the world at Large.

Corporate organisations, authoritarian groups, Associations of control status, and greed mongrels will soon have to realise their days of destruction are over.

Five, 5 = 2021 = GRACE

5 – Positive Changes, ArchAngel Michael of Protector, Justice, and Truth, ArchAngel AriAL the bearer of News, and More Amazing News will unfold.

Visions and Inner Child

More persons will begin to have visions that bring hope and smiles to their hearts. Flashes of Inspiring ideas, or Colours to create with, or places to discover or move to, or drawings to utilise or even ways of belief systems being re-evaluated, or in how you live. There are more who will suddenly have an inexplicable urge to do something that is more deeper and meaningful and has an even more rewarding effect to the soul.

The ‘Inner Child’ will be studies more or evaluated. The ‘Inner Child’ is significant to the progress of evolution of Life.

There will be an increase number of souls who’’ want to now understand and want to know more of The Truth of life, and not what was taught to them in mainstream lines or through childhood beliefs projected upon them.

Wave of Change

There will be a sudden increase of wave that will initiated a willingness to change, a wanting to make the change to a more loving, respectful, wonderful, graceful, colourful, joyful, fulfilling life that brings the best of amazing abilities and talents that were hidden or compressed/suppressed for so long for so many reasons.

This is where you’ll start to see amazing talent out there rise that will motivate or create a catalyst in you joining the movement of healing and Thriving, instead of victimisation and destruction.

Unity will become a core element in sharing our skills, resources and abilities to helping one another, not to rise in fame or games but to rise in Love and Strength and Loyalty to life.

The turn around of events will now start to become obvious to the eyes, to the sight. The ‘Fruition’ will give rise to greater union.


The saying ‘it is written in the starts’ will have many astrologists come forth and finally take the imitative to make the positive change to the mainstream Astrology readings; to incorporate the true readings that show not the significant 12 planets 12 houses but in fact the greater number so as to help more people, rather than put them in only ‘limited’ ‘compartmentalized categories’. So the way we read horoscopes and astrological readings will advance. This is beneficial if we are to evolve or grow or develop or thrive or understand.

Truth will cultivate our hearts

“ We run wild in all directions

unable to make informed decisions

because the Truth of our ways

are constantly veiled with injustices,


upon Silence of the Mind,

Silence in our presence,

something remarkable occurs.

We see clearly in our feelings,

our hearing the depth of Silence

The Tremendous Beauty of Surprise

To Unfold.

We already have grasped the Silence but now is a choice to actually

fully embrace the Surprises.

Truth will cultivate our Heart.”

Para Kas-Vetter


To dream is to open your heart to a new possibility.’

Adѐle Basheer

There are Some things that cannot be changed.

There are Some things that cannot be changed. They are



Pure Innocence

Beauty of The Soul

The True Fragrance of The Flower of Life.



Education will be restructured so that persons will be able to make worthwhile decisions that are of a spiritual meaning, a more defined essence of Science and worth, and a perspective more rewarding for the outcomes of life.

Educational Establishments currently will begin to cease in how we have known them since for at least 130 years.


There are some things that will be kept hidden because they are too sacred to the naked eye. However, the memory will start to be investigated more both from scientific/medical or spiritual perspective and this is to entice ways of how to remember so that, what is so sacred hidden won’t become a luring act but a natural ability to recall.

What’s sacred, whilst the world is restructuring, getting ‘cleaned up’, the Sacred life reveals itself only to the True Almighty who will Treasure and respect and fulfil those paths shown.

More Surprises

More Surprises will be revealed. More Spectacular events.

A Treasure Chest Box has started to open. The excitement unbearable to contain.

Dreams of the heart will be reignited, remembered and hope rekindled to pursue again with memories being reality again. Some past memories worth reliving.

© Cindy Lever Photography

The Lord of The Rings Oracle by Terry Donaldson

The Elves

“We enter a verdant glade and find ourselves confronted by a small group of tall, elegant-looking beings. They look human, yet so defined that they must be at an advanced evolutionary stage. We are astonished at their gracefulness. They speak to us, but we are not sure if we hear them physically, or through some long – dormant telepathic faculty deep with our brain.

We find ourselves enchanted, and are led toward what must be their home. We follow them without a qualm. This can be no chance meeting. As we walk, we can “hear”the delightful laughter – it is as if these being speak in a form of ethereal, magickal, musical intonation!

Esoteric meaningful

The Elves were intended by the Creator to be the Firstborn on Middle-earth. They would never actually die, unless slain; they would ‘fade’ into another plane.

They awoke before the emergence of humanity. In world mythology, they are the caretakers of the planet, guardians of ancient lore, and masters of healing. They are traditionally represented as possessing great understanding and insight.

Personal Indications

A time of reunion.

Greater associations with those on your own wavelength,

New friendships of an Inspirational Nature.

A downloading of “higher” energies into your life.

The need for trust.

Fulfilment of life’s purpose.

The need to renew that which has been positive in your life.

Cultural, creative, musical, and artistic themes entering your life.

A time to Embrace.

A time to love.” page 47

The Dragon Tarot by Nigel Suckling


“ Luck, Peace, Plenty, Contentment, Growth.

The Sun Radiates its BLESSINGS upon the world, its benevolent dragon breathing warmth and life into nature. The garden wall by which the children happily play signifies the shelter provided by an ordered world. The card symbolises the joys of peace and civilisation that allow the things, not least the arts, to bloom. Amid such conditions almost any new enterprise you contemplate will flourish.

Upright meaning

Good fortune, material success, energy, and joy are all promised by this card as whatever you undertake is blessed. New beginnings are suggested by the children and the sunflowers craning for the sky. This is a good time for new partnerships in all spheres of life and for refreshing your spirits through simple enjoyment of the good things on offer.” Page 33

Para Kas-Vetter

Happy happy New Year 2021

To all and to all of your Precious love ones,

With all of our Love Have an Exceptional New Year’s Eve 2020 and Remarkable Glorious New Year 2021 Full of Love, Joy, Abundance of Miracles, Blessings and Peace. All of our Love Para Otto and Maxi xoxoxoxoxoxoxox God Bless all of your Glorious Souls!!!!!

Thank you to the Creator of this image.

The New Year 2021 and The Fairy Ring

Art ©Para Kas-Vetter

As an old calender year comes to an end and we are entering into a new year according to the current calenders we are using, thus 2021, some are in two mind set. Do we really think 2020 is coming to an end or is it really a continuation into another year? Is it really just saying goodbye to old habits and beliefs only to repeat them again with greater or less challenges? Do we set yet another roller-coaster of emotions as we say good-buy to yet another year only to welcome the same old stuff? Do we notice the changes occurring over the years and that this new year is yet an extension of our evolution? Or do we think that we have not changed at all? And so on………

Some celebrate the new year with huge side affects of the following morning such as hangovers or trying to remember what they did and if they have still their dignity intact. Some won’t celebrate as they are too preoccupied that the world is coming to an end once again so they prepare for doomsday as if it is that, doom. Some celebrate according to the calender they follow, whatever it may be and in whatever culture their beliefs stand. Some are working and some are resting from their hard work. Some are secretly living double lives with fulfilling patriotic missions and some have obligations and errands that they don’t have time to celebrate. Some are fighting a war and some are fighting to save a life be it an animal, child or human or even the planet! Some are protesting and some are fighting for truth and justice. Others will be too busy making a mess of their lives to celebrate and others are so negative they forgot the blessings in their lives. And then there will be those sitting quietly somewhere sacred saying their prayers and giving gratitude or making wishes for the coming year. And the list goes on and on and on.

So for those following the current calender and do embrace the ‘happy new year’ motto, how are you going to embrace the 1st of January 2021, let alone the 31st of December 2020?

Are you going to be reading predictions that are about the end of life or about how to develop a more meaningful life? Are you going to read and communicate with love or war? Are you going to be generous and kind or greedy and selfishly egocentric? Are you going to live or struggle? Are you going to create or destroy? Are you going to smile or hate? Are you going to find a deeper and meaningful life to live or simply find ways to upset others as projections of your own personal life?

How are you going to embrace the New Year in terms of love light and the New Era of Aquarius as part of it? We clearly don’t want any more greed or egocentric maniacs. We surely don’t want any more opinionated hoarders flashing their purely white teeth, their busts or muscles and money yet haven’t even got the courage to stand in their own truth let alone live it. The New Era of Transparency is seeping into the New Year more intensely in 2021. Wow what a year it will be when the wheat from the chaff will become ever so much more visible you will be astounded.

So which podium are you going to stand on? The Authentic one or the Foolish one?

My wish for the New Year 2021 for you all is:

A Life of Miracles

A Heart of Hope

A Mind of Visions

A Path of Stories

A Past of Lessons

A Future of Surprises

And Blessings to Fill your Soul.

Sometimes we have to make phenomenal changes that can be frightening. Other times the changes come to us and with a speed of light. Those changes can be pleasant and some of them can be daunting. However, I learnt on my journey that nothing is truly lost……For what is so loved so deeply within one’s heart, will always stay there to nurture continuously the heart.

And so I share with you the following beautiful story I wrote many years ago. I Treasure it dearly. It has immense meaning and significance, as well for the New Era of Aquarius and The New Year of 2021.

Lots of Love Para xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

The Fairy Ring” By Para Kas-Vetter

“Take a leap of faith to the beyond horizons of your grace and there you will find BLESS.” Para Kas-Vetter