Motivational Part III

“Paradisal”: Vision and Mission

©Tami Miller

Inspired and Guided by The Heavens:

“There’s an element of Duty and morality to dharma, it’s not just about following what makes you feel joyful, but also doing what you know is right.” Jessica Humphries

“Discovering your dharma is about finding something that has deep meaning for you.”

What is Dharma?

Follow your heart, listen to your inner soul. Every person’s journey is unique. Create your own path and follow it with all your heart.” Adèle Basheer

Prophetic Arts

Decades ago, prophetic arts, also was known as manic arts.

Like the word gallery, the word art was suppressed or misunderstood, but in recent years is able to liberate themselves from the constraints of being confined to limits.

Art is not about just drawing and painting. Gallery is not just about putting the drawing and paintings in some conventional big room in some city with a label name on the shop.

Gallery is presenting Art in some form to the public to view. It can be in a variety of ways. And Art is actually expressing in a variety of ways in a various fields of interests.

Prophetic is informing something that has deep meaning and is informative, that enlivens, enlightens and awakens. It is prophetic and also spiritual. And Intuitive.

Life is BEAUTIFUL – Inspirational Video