2021 – “We Are In The Times of Prophesy”

We Are In The Times of Prophesy

James Gilliland

At some point, if you’re fortunate, you’ll hit a wall of truth and wonder what you’ve been doing with your life. At that point you’ll feel highly motivated to find out what frees you and helps you to be kinder and more loving.” Pema Chödrön

Michael Aaron


~ © Alison Stormwolf ~


“the world’s consciousness is changing and evolving as increasingly more people awaken. Ideas and solutions that previously worked perfectly will dissolve in order for new and higher forms of them to manifest………as collective consciousness evolves, new, different, and higher ideas about everything become available and accessible to everyone. New ideas will begin to take form through the words and actions of those receptive to the new, but there is and will continue to be resistance from those who do not want change because they fear it. Fear manifests as resistance.

…….The reality is that you have evolved and have reached a place of spiritual readiness to move beyond old and often unrecognized beliefs now presenting themselves as… and replace them with truth.

As a person spiritually evolves, his/her energy becomes lighter and of a higher frequency. Higher frequencies stir up and dissolve those of a lower frequency because belief is all that keeps lower resonating forms in place.

…….Personal and global challenges on all levels– physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, are arising in order to be seen, examined, and then consciously stripped of the power they have been endowed with.

………If someone sends negative energy to a person with a consciousness of oneness with Source, that energy will bounce off of the person and back to the sender because there will be nothing for it to attach to/align with.

……………….You are graduating and as with all graduations, it means leaving behind the things that served to bring you into readiness for graduation. Continue doing the practical things of daily living because spirituality must be a living thing, not meant to be hidden away in convents and monasteries although they had their place at one time. Trust your intuition to guide you as you go about your day but while you are doing it keep a part of your awareness centered in oneness with Source.

You are the Light, you are the Strength, and you are the Energy that is serving to draw others toward deeper awareness of the truth about themselves. Try not to resist challenges that may arise or attempt to meet them with outgrown tools. When negative thoughts and old programming appear simply recognize them for what they are–impersonal and powerless unless I myself accept them as personally mine thus empowering them.

………Earth lessons can be hard and painful until a person reaches the point of “enough is enough” and chooses new and higher ways of learning.

Some seem to have many more difficulties than others, but keep in mind that there is always a bigger story unfolding than that which meets the human eye. Problems are often chosen experiences that will force a person to look deeper into their belief system and spiritually grow from the experience. Sometimes a problem is karmic in nature and sometimes it is simply a matter of their being fully immersed in and creating from a three dimensional state of consciousness. As Divine Beings, everyone is creating from the substance of their consciousness.

…………Individuals really do not need to work so hard to clear the glass of their awareness because it automatically begins to clear as truth replaces the false in their consciousness.

Living life from an evolved state of consciousness is very practical and not “airy/fairy” as some believe it to be. Living from truth allows a person access to the infinity of all ideas and things that exist behind the color and cloudiness he himself ignorantly painted onto his awareness window. Evolution is simply the process of clearing the window of one’s consciousness to where at some point a window no longer exists.

Divine Consciousness has never changed nor can it or will it ever change because it simply IS, always has been, and always will be. This is what you are whether is seems that way or not………….

We are the Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele at Onenessofall.com


In 2021 SOULS will rise


closeup of two pieces of a puzzle forming a heart, depicting the idea that love is a matter of two, on a blue background, with some blank space around it

“……….not to give your power away to someone who says that they know better than you do what is right for you or for all of humanity. Remember that you are all in this together, and no matter what anyone says, they do not have all the answers. No one has all of this figured out, and you are meant to figure it out as a collective.

…….And trust yourselves. Trust your instincts, your intuition, the impulses that you get. Don’t ask someone else what that sign or symbol means to you, because no one knows better than you what it means. You create one hundred percent of your reality, so you put that sign or that symbol in front of you because you knew how you would interpret it. We encourage you to let go of the idea of putting anyone above yourself or beneath you, and recognize that you are all doing the best that you can, given the traumas that you are carrying around with you…..”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton


“Know thyself!”

the life of contemplation

inner transformation

‘thirst for knowledge of how we should live our life’

to lead the soul to a living, concrete union with the Intellect and the Good

‘thirst for education’


There is no doubt that what is happening on a global scale now gives us very little time but we also have a choice. We can choose to carry on down the road of greed and corruption to disaster, or we can revert to knowledge, wisdom, guidance and truth as told to the elders of every nation through time and entrusted to the ‘Earth Keepers’ the native Americans.

I believe their voice will now be heard by all nations.
It is the time for freedom from mental slavery
and return to our birthright as good people
reclaim our kindred ship to each other,
the kingdoms and give due respect
and walk in balance and harmony
with the entire natural world.



The proverbial genie is out of the bottle, and there is no way to put him back in again. There is no turning back now. There is a tidal wave of evolving consciousness unfolding and it will engulf everything in its wake.

Sacred information, profound spiritual practices and esoteric wisdom, long hidden or inaccessible, is leaking out from all corners of the globe. There is absolutely no excuse now, not to make use of it for your own personal transformation.

There is enough inspiration and wisdom out there, whether in a book, a movie, a video, an audio recording, or, particularly, on the internet, that will give you the tools and information you need to expand your consciousness exponentially. And it will assist you in making that lasting connection to your Divine source, where everything you could ever possibly need emanates from.


2021 – The Year of Emergence

When Everything Falls Apart around us, we find we are truly prepared to make radical change.

2020 has been the year where we each had an opportunity to do the inner work in preparation for 2021. Numerologically we enter a 5 YEAR which provides a pathway to freedom, change, expansion and growth.  Have we learned from our mistakes and choices of the past? Are we willing to step forward?  As the wheel turned on December 21st into the promise of 2021 it brings fresh, high energy and unlimited possibilities.  We as a collective consciousness get a DO OVER.

5 is a YEAR providing a journey of freedom from illusion, change, adventure, new experiences, and the opportunity to learn from mistakes.  We stand at the halfway point of a nine-year cycle. The first four years are now behind us. The final four are yet to be created by each of us individually and collectively. The events of this ‘middle’ year will enable each of us to define the difference between our old, limited expression of self, the one we are becoming, and the potential we individually and collectively are merging into.   We can expect  more change in our lives, and a completely new understanding of life itself.  From the beginning of 2021 we will feel a deep need for freedom and spontaneity. If you want to be free, you must start living more freely. Change the old routines and do things differently. Look for new directions. Do not scatter your attention or spread yourself too thin, otherwise you may find yourself jumping from one thing to another without accomplishing anything.  One of the biggest mistakes you could make this year is giving up on something before you have given yourself the opportunity to experience it as part of your emergence.

…………….Dragonfly’s are wisdom carriers as their life span is only several months.  They teach us to enjoy every moment and be in the present.  They remind us we are in a constant state of emergence.  This beautiful being shared with me the main energy of 2021 is in being and remembering we are each in a state of emergence and need to find our own authority by breaking free of illusion and fear.  We need to change, expand, grow and move forward.  We need to become better stewards of our sacred blue earth star.

In Astrology, the zodiac sign Leo is the 5th astrological sign and is an energy force that embraces leadership and self expression.  2021 we are each asked to be a change agent.  The definition of a change agent is a person that causes a change in the way things are done or the way ideas are viewed.  This is a year to move beyond the need to be validated externally.  Fear of being judged, rejected, alone or ridiculed keeps one paralyzed to move forward.  2021 if we choose to embrace the gifts will give us the courage to leave toxic relationships or change our role in them as we see they have been opportunities for us to grow.  We can find the courage to seek ways of service that are more fulfilling and fill our sacred circle with people who truly support us as we support them.  We can find the motivation to be all we were born to be.  External validation is the ego needing to be nurtured.  Let this year be the year you choose to validate yourself by mastering self love.  2021 will push each of us further to change.

The number 5 card in a Tarot deck is The Hierophant. This symbolizes an advocate of learning and acts as a messenger between the people and the heavens.  It is time to develop a stronger spiritual relationship with your divine self, become your own hierophant.  We need to develop a spiritual practice that keeps us elevated above the collapse that will occur around us. Listen to your own inner wisdom which will guide you and the collective consciousness to create a kinder, gentler world.

One of the great messengers who provided wisdom to the human was Thoth the ancient Atlantean and Egyptian God. Thoth was known as the God of Knowledge, the Moon, Wisdom, Records, Thought, Intelligence, Meditation, the Mind, Logic, Reason, Reading, Hieroglyphics, Magick, Secrets, Scribes, and Writing.  He gifted to the human world the Emerald Green Tablets, tools for our evolutionary journey as well as knowledge of the Merkaba, the light vessel and the sacred geometric symbol known as the Flower of Life which creates a harmonic frequency to bring one into union with all of nature and universal influences.


The 5 Year provides opportunities to turn your life around by setting off in a direction that is totally different to any you have taken before. The best way to approach this journey is with a complete change of attitude. Be flexible. Even the best laid plans can change without warnings of any kind. A 5 Year brings the sudden and the unexpected, the unforeseen.  We should all be masters after 2020, that was a practice run.    You are now on a fast-paced journey which is filled with options, action and excitement. It is an adventure into life. It is a time to discover your true potential by experiencing things you have not experienced before. Be aware of how one change can create a chain reaction of many changes.  Without change, we stagnate. Some changes will occur suddenly and unexpectedly, while others will be initiated by your own effort. Expect the unexpected. (The theme of a White Wolf Journeys adventure)  Be prepared for anything.  Remember change won’t happen overnight, but by making small changes you can emerge into the new expression of you that you intend at the time of the Grand Conjunction in Aquarius.  Again I wish to reiterate… Let go of judgment and let go of viewing the world as them against us.  We have experienced 2020 and have seen how that thinking has little impact on creating a kinder, gentler world.  One person’s reality is not the same as another’s.  The mantra for 2021… “I give myself permission to allow other to have their journey, so that I may have mine”.

Kia Kaha, Be Strong as we emerge into greatness. Be love. Be agents of change as together we birth a kinder and gentler world.

Robbyne LaPlant

January 2021 Planetary Influences

It’s a new era and a new year gifting us with the opportunity to live a different way.  Live with compassion, gentleness, kindness and forgiveness.  Live with hope and a focused, unwavering vision for a new reality, and together we will create it.  Be the change, be the guiding light.  It’s 2021 and I am filled with hope and potential.  After months of intensity the first month of 2021 gives us a chance to breathe and regroup.

Robbyne LaPlant

The Great Awakening. A monumental historical event in which the truth and nature of this world is exposed to the people enslaved within it, on every level imaginable.

We can only proceed in peace and prosperity until we Acknowledge the darkness behind the madness.

All Truth Passes Through Three stages. First, It Is Ridiculed, Second It Is Violently Opposed, And Third, It Is Accepted As Self-Evident” – Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher



What is a spiritual mantle?

A “spiritual mantle” is a calling, gift, passion, ability, anointing, skill set, or level of authority that God has given a specific person.


Lady’s Mantle can also encourage creativity, allowing it to be channeled in a bright, shining manner instead of being a dark, driven energy.


In a storm that big you can’t respond any differently to how you do in the moment.

And the only thing you can control in your own boat is the your rudder. 
Sometimes it feels like you can barely control that!!

But I’m here to tell you that it’s the tiny adjustments, the little changes, and sometimes just the fact that we’ve still got our hands on the wheel that determine where you end up.

It’s not the big, dramatic changes.

It’s the little things you do Every. Single. Day. 

These changes make the real difference.

So for 2021, I’m less interested in the big goals you’re going to set (though I still want to hear them!) 

I want to hear about the little things you’re going to do every day..

– Things like taking your greens every day. 

– Things like taking a second to take a deep breath in the Now.

– Things like saying a little thankyou to your partner for driving or for cooking.

The Little things. 

That make a BIG difference.”

By Rachelle Starr at Heal Thyself



Thank YOU!!!!!

A concise compact of valuable information.

Interview: Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes & Doug Billings


“When we wake up to the surroundings, the lifestyles, the paths, the careers and the people we have known intimately or from a distance, the most trying time is the realisation that we have been living, supporting, loving, caring and protecting, and excusing the very elements that have been a part of the problem than the solution.

This deeper awakening, to the realisation that our old ways of life, our old life paths, patterns, the people and surroundings that we thought served a purpose, but actually do not, can be very deeply difficult to accept or acknowledge. And so some try to hide their heads in the sand metaphorically speaking, avoid the awareness, continue the old ways, or behave as victimised souls,  those that are trying so hard to turn a blind eye through sheer ignorance, arrogance, fear, or love for that matter, are starting to face the ramifications..  This makes it extra challenging for them and for those that are part of the solution.” Para Kas-Vetter

 “……many are no longer tolerating what is not in alignment with their truth. We are in an age where many of us are awakening, and through our own inner being we are empowering ourselves…..”  “new paths and new chapters in our lives are being created…………”     ~https://www.lightmessenger.co.uk/love-says-no-more/

“……many going through a Dark Night of the Soul with deep betrayals, family issues, misunderstandings, scapegoating and shaming, life lessons, self sacrificing, and tower moments to show us something about ourselves….yet these experiences were to clear karmic cycles for our Hearts to be healed and renewed so we can step more into our sovereignty and birth something amazing……………Voices will no longer be muffled and remain in silence. It is time to publish your gifts and go public! It is time to sing a new song and sing it louder than before. And for that final purging, take time to look at the darker aspects of your own soul rather than that of another………….. I am about to start on a new journey and I have no idea where it is taking me. I have a new song to sing, and as the Wheel of the Year turns, so do we all.”Linda   https://www.lightmessenger.co.uk/a-rose-born-from-winters-light/

“It takes Phenomenal Courage, Extraordinary Strength, Immense thought, True Humbleness, and Truth to step outside the Paradigm of what is expected of us, so as to Thrive and Represent The Truth of who we Truly are.” Para Kas-Vetter

“I’d rather get over my fear of what someone might think of me than ignore something that could change the quality of life on this planet for everyone.”   ~ Kimberly Carter Gamble   www.thrivemovement.com 

“Your Divine Purpose is to Reclaim the Power of You”   ~https://www.lightmessenger.co.uk 

“There’s an energy that has been released in the process that won’t allow me to go backwards……my inner self, my soul, won’t let me do that. It keeps pushing me forward, making me become what I am supposed to become…..And now, indeed, it feels more painful to remain where I’ve been than to move towards where I’m going. I can do nothing but flower………”   ~ Nina Amir   https://ninaamir.com/when-it-is-more-painful-to-blossom-than-to-remain-a-bud/

“………..we must be willing to grief, heal, love and respect, and most of all forgive ourselves.
I forgive myself for not knowing that which should have been told. I forgive myself for doing the best I can with what I have now.
I forgive myself for all that I have done unaware of at the time the impact that it has had on me, those around me and the planet.
I forgive myself when I sometimes have to do things that I don’t want to do, for doing what I must to get through because I don’t know what else to do.
I forgive myself for sometimes being so afraid that I make choices or decisions that are not for my good.
I forgive myself. Why? Because I realize I AM growing, I AM Evolving, and I AM continuously WANTING to Awaken.
 I have come to realize my own worth.

So Please judge me not for the person I was But the person I truly am. Judge me not for the actions of my past but the lessons that I have learnt, and continuously willingly to learn through further awakenings and deeper awareness; to be the soul I have evolved into today, and continue to evolve further. Accept and embrace me for who I am today with unconditional love.

 I open my heart now to receiving and giving love, releasing the pain and that which no longer serves me to the Universe. My heart has healed and I am now ready to receive the love that is my birthright to receive, in abundance. I leave darkness to receive the wisdom and the light I now embrace with great joy and celebration. The door is now wide open for me to enter and feel the enormous flow of love enter my soul and deep into the core of my soul, healing every part of my being. I now allow union with the higher self to evolve.” Para Kas-Vetter

“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anais Nin


The Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It


“The Plan to Save The World”

Q – The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED


“The outcome will be Glorious.”

“We are going to show you a new world.
Those who are blind will soon see the light.
A beautiful brave new world lies ahead.”

God Wins || James O’Brien


  • “the unstoppable plan of spiritual evolution”
  • “Every new insight adds Light to the world’s consciousness”
  • “no one can remain frozen in time forever. Just because some concept, belief, idea, worked well at a certain level of awareness, does not mean it will work forever in the same way.
  • The moment even one person shifts out of alignment with some old falsehood and into truth it will affect and change the entire collective because there is only ONE”


“The World has Changed Forever, Adapt Fast to this”


“the greatest awakening in human history. Families at odds with each other will reunite, after the differences that forced them apart will disappear.”

Wayne Miller


“The meek shall inherit the earth.” Do not mistake the word meek for weak. This refers to those who are in their embodiment process, who are leading by their sacred hearts and beingness, and lovingly anchor the energies of peace on your planet. Settling into those traits now will allow you to connect with others in far more meaningful and empowering ways as you continue to move forward in the great shift on your planet that you are both driving and participating in so beautifully.”

Leading with the Sacred Heart, Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young


The Garden of Pride – Heavenletters #3696

– However you do things in life, there are other ways for you to do them. There are other platforms to come from. Because you have always been a certain way doesn’t mean you must continue being the same way. I ask you to adjure from saying: “That’s how I am. That’s how I will always be.” Why would you close the door on life? Why would you let so much in, and no more, and feel virtuous about it?

– What is so hard about letting a little change in? I am suggesting you change your mind about something. I am suggesting you let the past go. Past ways are of the past. They have not always held you in good stead.

– In a sense, when it comes to certain areas of life, you have been rigid. You have been for one thing and against another. You have held prejudices. You have said: “I will never change my mind about this.” And you have held on to an opinion as if an opinion were a rare antique to be polished. An opinion is just an opinion. Opinions do not have to be permanent. Your stance in life does not have to pretend to be permanent. If you feel you have been casting pearls before swine, you have some changing to do.

– You do not always have to be at the peak of the mountain. Gain a wider frontier. Be humble rather than prideful. If you play baseball, learn how to pitch more gainfully, learn how to catch more gainfully. Take a chance on change.

– Even when you are unwilling to budge, odds are that life will pull the carpet out from under you. Life is patient, yet it does not stay still. True, you are a creature of habit, yet you are more than that. Do not purse your lips quite so tightly. Do not be quite so sure that you know all the answers.

– Rather than be smart, be kind. Rather than show off, don’t show off. When you put someone down and make him or her feel small, you don’t make yourself big. Rather, you are showing your size. Add to your arsenal of ways to reveal yourself in the world. When it comes to kindness and thoughtfulness, you are on the right track. Do not close out life by squashing anyone else.

– Kindness and thoughtfulness do not mean that you put up with everything. It’s just that you don’t always every minute every time put yourself first. There is some truth to the idea that the one who comes last comes first when he who comes last is not inordinately proud of himself. Do good deeds, and disappear from the garden of pride. Be virtuous without pinning medals on yourself.

– You don’t have to have the last word. You are not to punctuate life. You are to serve. You are not to capitalize on your assets in life. You are not to make a big thing of them.

– Be kind and courteous. Be considerate of your fellow man. If this means changing your ways, then, by all means, change your ways. Be the sun that shines. Add to the happiness of your corner of the world.

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“I am ready. It is Time.”

Para Kas-Vetter

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Magic Keys………….

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