Important Sacred Names: Paraskevi and Para Kas-Vetter

The Miracles of Ayia Paraskevi – Saint Paraskevi

My Story:

My Aunty Paraskevi, my dad’s sister, went to Heaven at a very young age.

My Aunty appeared to my mother consistently until my mother asked my dad for a photo of his sister to look at. Upon seeing the only photo that there was, she recognised it to be my dad’s sister. She made a promise to the soul that continued to appear to my mother that when the first born daughter would be born, to name her after my Aunty. Paraskevi.

My mother gave birth to the first child, a son. 7 years later, upon the first born daughter being born of twins, my parents named her Paraskevi.

That person is Me.

My mother’s dreams of the soul appearing to her then no longer occurred when my parents full-filled that promise.

Although my birth and given name is Paraskevi, I was constantly called Para. And there came a point in my young years when I felt to form my own identity rather than be seen as My dad’s Sister. And so at a very young age, I made a very profound and important decision, that led to ‘legally’ change my name to Para. I felt deeply about this. It resonated with what I needed to do in this life path. And what I have been always called. Para.

Nowadays, I am known by Para Kas-Vetter that reflects the path I currently am on with my husband Otto.

On the 12th of September 2020, whilst living 5km from Marengo, 7 Kms from Apollo Bay at the time, in Victoria, Australia, something remarkable occurred that transformed me within in how I saw the name Paraskevi.

I had always known the story of Saint Paraskevi, being the healer of eyes and the soul. How she remarkably conquered enormous challenges, and full-filled her devotion to her mission on Earth. There are countless stories of Miracles. That memorable day, I wanted to see where the island of Lesbos was located due to a significant event that occurred there. It is a Greek island located in the northeastern Aegean Sea, although it is located much closer to Turkey though. That moment instead I saw the words of a name on the island on the map: Ayia Paraskevi. (Meaning Saint Paraskevi). An instant, immense connection was felt flowing right into the depths of my soul. It was a very profound moment. I felt so connected to want to acknowledge the name Ayia Paraskevi, that I realised my birth name Paraskevi.

Since birth, every year on the 26th of July, I have always commemorated Saint Paraskevi and my birth name Paraskevi. That day of the 12th of September 2020 though, something within me stirred so deep that for the first time I wanted to sincerely document that my birth name is Paraskevi and that today I live as Para Kas-Vetter full-filling promises of paths and missions of my soul.

12th September 2020